Theme Development
Contract Negotiations
Meeting Logistics
Catering Coordination
Transportation (Individual or Group)
Registration Packet Design & Printing
Interactive Parties
Entertainment (local & national performers)
Coordination of Exposition Services 
Distinctive Events also realizes the importance of cost. After years in the industry, Distinctive Events has developed a strong rapport with a wide variety of vendors, which often results in volume discounts and price breaks. This substantial savings is always passed on to our clients.














Invitation/Brochure Design
Registration/Fee Collection
Audio Visual
Program Management
Speakers on Hundreds of Topics
Spouse Activities
Site Selection















































































































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We leave you breathing a sigh of relief.

Distinctive Events provides you a limitless, multifaceted range of event management skills. With more than 20 years of experience, the Atlanta-based company brings originality to each occasion through creative thought processes and extraordinary people skills.

Whether it's creating a special event, providing hotel and transportation arrangements or planning a corporate meeting or convention, Distincitive Events guarantees a truly memorable occasion that will leave your guests talking for weeks.

Here is a sampling of the services we can provide you: